It’s been the case for a while now that in order to rent out a privately rented property the landlord must have a valid electrical installation condition report (EICR) that confirms that the installation within that property is satisfactory for continued use.  

These inspections must be done at most every five years.

I was musing today that, for example, if a property has had a challenging tenant, it’s good practice to have the electrical system inspected and tested when tenants change over.

If a tenant has treated the property harshly or they have undertaken their own improvement works for instance, it might just be wise to have the electrical system given the once over before the new people move in.

Electrical systems can be easily damaged with sockets and light fittings being broken when parties get too excitable or even have wires come loose when fittings are unscrewed to allow the hanging of the tenant’s wallpaper.

As a landlord its always better to be on the side of caution and ensure that rental properties are still always satisfactory for continued use.

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