Cut your costs with smart green energy solutions. With GivEnergy technology, you can power your home or business cheaply and sustainably.  When you use a product from
the GivEnergy range, you’re getting a premium energy management solution at an accessible price.


The brains of your system, connecting
any renewables, batteries, the grid, and
the home

Battery storage systems

Where your energy is stored, to discharge into the home and/or into your EV

EV charger

An adaptive solution taking power from your preferred source – grid, renewable, or battery


Together, these products create an end-to-end ecosystem for you to control your energy while cutting your carbon emissions.

GivEnergy app
Exercise full control over your energy usage. The GivEnergy portal makes energy management
easy — allowing you to monitor, manage, and analyse your system in the cloud.

Your power, in your hands

  • Grab basic information about your home energy demand, solar PV generation, and grid import energy
  • Perform simple actions based on where the day is taking you 
  • Continually save and optimise

Download for free

  • Download from Google Play or the App Store 
  • Moves with you – whether you’re using your Android smartphone, iPhone, or Apple Watch
  • Updated by a dedicated UK development team on a bi-monthly basis – to continually improve your experience