From July 1st 2020 landlords of privately rented properties in England are required have the electrical installation of their rented property Periodically Inspected and Tested at least every five years.  

This inspection and testing must be carried out by someone who is qualified and competent.  I hold the required qualifications and registration covering the periodic inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations to the current version of the Wiring Regulations. 

I am fully insured to undertake such work with both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

I believe in being transparent in my pricing structure for such work and charge per circuit tested rather than by the hour.  That way you know exactly what your test will cost. See the FAQ section below for pricing.

When I undertake an electrical safety inspection, I supply you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report which gives the results and sets a date for the next inspection and test, as a landlord you should then:

  • Supply a copy of this report to the existing tenant within 28 days of the inspection and test
  • Supply a copy of this report to a new tenant before they occupy the premises
  • Supply a copy of this report to any prospective tenant within 28 days of receiving a request for the report
  • Supply the local authority with a copy of this report within 7 days of receiving a request for a copy.
  • Retain a copy of the report to give to the inspector and tester who will undertake the next inspection and test.
  • Where the report shows that remedial or further investigative work is necessary, complete this work within 28 days or any shorter period if specified as necessary in the report.
  • Supply written confirmation of the completion of the remedial works from the electrician to the tenant and the local authority within 28 days of completion of the works.

If any works are required to bring your installation up to a safe standard I will also be able to undertake those works for you and can normally provide you with a fixed quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  I am the companies inspector and qualified supervisor.  I hold a specific qualification for this work (City and Guilds 2391 Electrical Inspection and Testing)

I have many years experience in inspection and testing and I hold both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances.

I believe in transparent pricing and charge inspection and testing on a per circuit basis.  You can calculate how much your test will cost by counting up you circuit breakers or fuses in your consumer unit(s), there will be one per circuit.

I charge a minimum fee of £150 + VAT which covers up to 6 circuits and then a further £10 + VAT per circuit thereafter.

There is always someone cheaper but are you getting an adequate test?   

Will they be able to spend enough time to test the installation properly?

Are they doing so many in a day that they only give a superficial look?

Landlords will not want to scrimp on electrical safety as they remain liable, the test does not absolve a landlord of responsibility. 

This is no time for a race to the bottom, pay quality trades enough to allow them to spend the time and do a quality job.


I am a professional and i do not like my skill to be abused, in fact I don’t want to work for you now for even asking that.